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Thousand Kindnesses

A Thousand Small, Glittering Kindnesses

Today, I’ve been thinking about the time when we were on a layover at the airport and a young man [...]
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A Voice and A Choice

“Tricia, this weekend we will be spending time with a ten-year-old boy whose mom died recently.  What cues do you [...]
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My first husband died eleven years ago, on the morning of December 23, 2010. In the days to follow, I [...]
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Halloweens Past: I’m the Cozy Sweatered Lady Now

I’m feeling the wonder of autumn tonight. (It’s probably because peeling apples makes me feel like a domestic goddess. I [...]
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The Great Denim Skirt Debate of 1993

Everybody who becomes an adult has to be fourteen once, and it’s a rough time of transition for everybody involved [...]
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Cheezits Communion

Every night, we have ice cream at 8:00.  And some evenings, we have it at other times, because it’s 8:00 [...]
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Sparkly, Shiny Promises

A few years ago, I kept things lively with a special treat for the boys each day of spring break. [...]
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Grace Lives in the Inevitable

What advice would you give to the younger you? ⠀ ⠀ “Love Hard.  Especially because I now know what that [...]
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That’s Some Serious Staying Power

When death comes at the end of a long life, we don’t wonder if it was time. We don’t wonder [...]
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Wildflower bouquet of oxeye daisies isolated on white background

To Say Their Names

“Let me find a picture that shows her hair,” she said, scrolling through the pictures on her phone. We were [...]
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Diesel, Cigarettes, and Perfume

I love the smell of gasoline, and I am somehow fond of fresh cigarette smoke.  I’ve always felt like I [...]
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Little Things, Big Things, Healed, and Whole

I love the Christkindl market. I love the rows of shops lined up like stalls in a wooden stable. I [...]
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Why I Won’t Get the Award for Mother of the Year

Throwing it back to a post from 2008,when my babies were two and almost-one, I was sleepless and underfed, Robb and [...]
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Sacred Gratitude.

He’s Peter’s closest cousin. They are just a few years apart in a whole collection of people that span across [...]
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Trauma, Triggers, and Marriage: Hello, December.

I’m going along, minding my own business, creating this new and beautiful life just the way I want it to [...]
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Root Beer Floats

The Bread and the Wine… and the Root Beer Float

Saturday was Robb’s birthday, so we went to Red Robin to celebrate and remember. Because Bottomless Root Beer Floats. “We’re [...]
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Hummingbirds, Pennies, and Verizon Texts

On the day that Robb died, my mom’s phone became Grief’s Grand Central Station. She spent the whole day on [...]
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Get Drunk on the Lovely of it All

It is Wedding Week. I am in the last seven days of one of the most sacred seasons of my [...]
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Thank You, Little Black Dress.

I am reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s a revolutionary approach to decluttering where instead of clearing [...]
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When A Codependent Gets Engaged

And so, with a sparkling ring on my left hand, I am faced with a second chance. A second chance [...]
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