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The Thing about a Backyard Fountain

“Tell me if I should pour your coffee or not.” “Yes, I’d like for you to pour my coffee,” I [...]
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The Same Eight Bars, On Repeat

Tyler is wandering around the house, playing and imagining and building in his mind and with his hands. As children [...]
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Closeup On Tv Remote Control And Fresh Salad In Hand Of Young Wo

Parenting Advice that Doesn’t Fit Into My World

“When my kids were small, I just pretty much said no to travel.” “I commit to be away from my [...]
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No Socks.

When I get overwhelmed, and sometimes I do, especially in December, my house is the first thing to go. No, [...]
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The Story of a Birthday

I went to Krispy Kreme to pick up donuts for the birthday breakfast. But Krispy Kreme had a sign on [...]
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“People need spoons.”

I was on the phone with Laurelyn. (You know how I love Laurelyn.) I sat at the top of the [...]
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Pancake Ice Cubes

Right now, the boys are making cupcakes. Actually, they are doing an experiment with pancake mix, water, Gogurt, and sprinkles. [...]
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“Boys, we are visiting our new home today for the very first time.” “Not for you.  It’s not the first [...]
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Our New Home, Part IV

On our drive through the neighborhood, a smiling man approached our car.  He was waving us down, waving us over, [...]
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Our New Home, Part III

I had looked at many houses; I had almost purchased two. I have friends who buy property a lot, and [...]
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Our New Home, Part II

There is a verse in Acts 17 that says, “He knows where we will go and he knows when we [...]
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