There is a verse in Acts 17 that says, “He knows where we will go and he knows when we will move.”

I took it upon myself to write down every version of this verse I could find.  The words wove themselves into a quilt I could wrap around me.

He knows where we will go, and he knows when we will move.
In him we live and move and have our being.
He has determined the allotted periods and the boundaries of our dwelling places.
You make us – we do not make you.
You have determined our boundaries.
You have decided where we will go
and when we will move.
You have created plenty of time and space for living.
He set the times and places where they should live.
From one person, God made all people,
and he decided when and where each person should be.

I claimed pieces, parts, phrases and lines, and even the whole song in its entirety when insecurity swept in with fears, anxiety, and thoughts of where will we live – when will we go – and am I making the right decisions.

When I felt pressure to make a decision, to sign before my heart was settled, I reminded myself, “You have created plenty of time and space for living.”

There is no race, there is no rush.  God has determined our boundaries, he has our space in mind, and there is plenty of time.  I’m not in a competition with anyone – no height, no depth, no seller, no buyer – for the space with my name on it.

And so could it be no wonder that the home we have is perfect for us?

I drove through the neighborhood yesterday to show the boys – “that is your backyard, and see that window up there?  That is your bedroom.”  We strolled the cul de sac, the bike trails, and the hiking trail behind our home.  In a crunchy field of dry grass, stones, and dirt, he boys each found a fist-size quartz rock, a  perfect souvenir for our first visit to our forever home.  These will be our altar, our reminder.

God has brought us here.

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