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Once A Teacher, Always a Teacher.


It’s been seventeen years since I was in the classroom.

A few things have changed.
The shoes I’m willing to teach in.
Smart phones.
Adjustments for a pandemic.
Protocol for lockdowns.
My last name.


Many things haven’t changed.
I still love it with every bit of my being.


When I observed my own spark and energy, my therapist pointed out: this is the first time in twenty years that I’m returning to something that I know.  For the last two decades, everything has been new.


I had never had a baby.

I had never had two babies.

I had never been a widow.

I had never written a book.

I had never written a book, again.  (Like a child, each one is different.)

I had never been a single mom.

I had never been married a second time.

Never had I ever.


And now I’m back in my lane.


Turns out, it’s like riding a bike.

It’s like falling off a log.

I know how to do this.


I feel like a fish in the sea.
I feel like a star in the sky.

I’m where I’m meant to be.


“What if somebody thinks you gave up on writing books?”

You can tell them I didn’t.

I didn’t give up – or give up on – anything.

I’m still writing the books, with two underway as I write this sentence.


I used to say, “I’m a teacher by trade and a writer by love.”

Turns out, I’m both now – by trade, and by love.


But I will say this…

I got invited to two first graders’ birthday parties this week.

And that’s higher praise than any Amazon review.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Oh. MY. Goodness!!!! How blessed those little ones are to have YOU as their teacher! I know MY little ones were… but now they are nurses, with one looking to go on to get his doctorate and possibly even be a professor. You brought such a joy of learning to them… 17 years ago. ❤️

  2. That is so awesome! The kids are so privileged! ❤️❤️❤️

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