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Trees and Lights and Timing: Let It Be


‘Tis the season for all the sparkly things.

I live in a house divided, and the majority of us are itching to deck the halls. One of us drags her feet, not so eager to bring up the boxes from the basement.  For some of us, sparkly things are prickly things.

I used to love it, every carol and lyric and light.  I’ve been learning how to like it again for eleven years now.  Actually, almost twelve.

Sometimes I’m tired of my story.  But it’s still my story. That’s how trauma works, even when it’s healing, healed, or whole.

My men have hung our lights outside.  And that’s the best I can do for a few more minutes. And by minutes, I mean moments. I am talking about the kairos sense of time that varies by the day, stretches and shrinks, needing what it needs.

And yet, I do love all of you who make those sleigh bells ring.  I do remember how much fun it can be.

And so, I am here to share with you some curated words about Christmas lights and trees and carols and timing.


“Before last year, I wouldn’t listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving Day. I bumped that up to November 1. . . yes, I’m one of those. To friends who plan to chastise me, here are my preemptive responses:

  1. The early onset of Christmas enhances Thanksgiving, it does not belittle it.
  2. ‘Christmas songs’ and ‘holiday sales’ are not alike. Don’t confuse celebrating Christmas with commercializing it.
  3. The biblical narrative of ‘the Christmas story’ covers a period of approximately two years, so two months isn’t overdoing it.


~ Facebook Status from Author Tim Grissom


“Before you roll your eyes, or judge, the early-Christmas-decorators, let me tell you how dangerous the dark months can be to those with rocky mental health.
Let them bring in more light.
Let them do what they need to do to feel something.
Let them be, in the here and now, seizing the moment, doing no harm to anyone.
They are, quite simply, lighting up their darkness and creating joy where none exists.
How wonderful.
How wonderful.”

~ Poet Donna Ashworth


“I love this time of year.  It’s when the world is singing our songs.”

~ Author and Speaker, Luci Swindoll


Tricia Lott Williford

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