Arriving Today on Porches and on Kindles

It’s Release Day for This Book Is For You: Loving God’s Words in Your Actual Life.

We celebrated the daylights out of her this weekend, and when I find my words again,
I am eager to tell you about the greatness of that festival of Sharpies.

IMG_3432I’ve heard that all the emotionally healthy authors keep a healthy distance from numbers on release day, acting like this is any old day.

Like, everything is fine.  It’s fine.
So I’m distracting myself with wonderful things, pretending to look away and not notice that something I’ve created has been born on this very day. As if it isn’t walking about the world, arriving on porches and on Kindles, carrying my very heart.

Instead of numbers, here are some words. I’m delighted to partner with Revive Our Hearts, with this piece about how you can fall in love with the Bible by Becoming a Modern-Day Psalmist.  Click Here.  

To all of you who pre-ordered, I love you more than iced lattes on an August day.

To all of you who got your books today, I hope it feels a little bit like Christmas.

To all of you who are thinking about getting the book, I hope you’ll indulge and say yes as if I’m a girl scout selling Thin Mints.

Five Titles TLW

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Love reading your writings!!!You are so gifted! God Bless !!

  2. Just finished chapter one. It’s too good to rush through.

  3. I got my book today!!! Yippee!!!

You Are Safe Now

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This Book Is for You

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