Free Audio of My New Book – for a Limited Time!


Big news, big news! This just In!

For a limited time, when you pre-order a copy of *This Book Is For You* to be delivered to your door or your kindle,

We can now send you a code for a **FREE AUDIO** version as well.

“How, Tricia? How, how, how do we unlock this greatness of generosity from your publisher??”

Simply screenshot your Purchase Complete screen
(or take a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase)
and send it to me:

I will hook you up with my very own voice in your ears.



For a sample listen before you buy (or get it for free),
you can listen Here.

“I am inviting you, but far more important, God is inviting you. He has chosen you. Not because my particular book is a divine tool of any kind but because God can use anything he wants—from divine texts to absolute drivel—to get your attention. And if these first pages have pricked your heart, if you feel even remotely interested in falling in love with God’s words in God’s book, then I daresay that God is getting your attention.

He chose you.

He is choosing you right now, in this very moment of your actual life.

His book is for you.”


Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Tricia, do you know if endorsers will receive a copy of your book? Eager to see the finished product!

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