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Thirteen Lessons I Learned from My Dad


Thirteen Things I Learned from my Dad:

1. If you’re going to get in trouble at school, let it be for talking too much to all of your many friends. Sociable is not a bad thing.
2. When putting together an outfit, choose the least noticeable color in the busier item, and make that your accent color. Makes it pop.
3. French toast is a breakfast of champions.
4. When you borrow something, whether it’s an accessory or car or a house, leave it better than you found it.
5. How to keep from falling down on roller skates. (You have to say “hibbety-hobbety-hoobety.” It works.)
6. How to throw a party. (Love is in the details. Don’t skimp where you can be extravagant.)
7. It doesn’t matter how much money he spends on you. It matters how he treats you.
8. Never let your kids wonder if you love them.
9. Ice cream is always a good idea.
10. A person can make a solid career out of being a good listener.
11. If you raise your kids, you spoil your grandkids. If you spoil your kids, you raise your grand kids.
12. How to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
13. Strong men love smart women.
What’d you learn from your dad?
Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. These are awesome, Tricia!! A funny but useful thing I learned from my dad is that when you fly on Southwest with no assigned seating, it’s better to choose a seat next to someone already occupying the seat beside you, instead of picking an empty row and leaving it up for grabs as to who picks you. HA!

  2. Your dad is amazing. I married my husband because he had a great dad and knew what that was. My dad was an alcoholic who fought in WW2 under Patton’s division. He never recovered from it, but freedom has it’s price. This day is always hard for me. You are blessed and so are my kids. I’m spoiling my grandkids, not raising them. Love that best. Love your writing and your great family!

  3. Great words of wisdom!

  4. Your dad has been a favorite of mine since high school. He always was fun to be around. I didn’t realize back then just how wise he was!!

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