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She Said Yes: One Amazing Wedding Proposal

Blue Trumpet Proposal

So this guy came to my brother.  He said, “Hey, man. I really love this girl. I want to ask her to marry me.”

And Rob thought for a moment that the dude was asking my brother to be in the wedding, which would be weird since they weren’t *that* close.

Then the guy said, “She’s very creative and talented and musical and gifted and beautiful, and I am… not those things. I need help with a proposal that will match her caliber. Can I hire your creative consulting company to produce our wedding proposal?”

And Rob thought for sure he could help with that. Knew he could, actually.

Blue Trum

On behalf of my brother and his team, I present to you The Proposal of David and Jamie, brought to you by Blue Trumpet Creative.

As a bonus, she said yes.


Isn’t it wonderful to see happy things in the world?


BlueTrumpet 1


Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Ok, right now I’m trying to think of something Rob can plan for me. Wow! What a blessed lady to have someone who loves her so much he went through that effort for his proposal.

  2. and…now i’m crying at work. beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! Loved every single second of that beautiful engagement!! We’re all weeping over here ????❤️!

  4. Omg did Rob ever knock that one out of the park!

    It was also fun for me to see and hear my friends from Voctave and Voices of Liberty sing again … thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this. Over 57 years ago I attended an office party and was asked to dance during a ‘spot’ dance. (when the music stopped a spot light shone on a couple and they were declared the winner). The song was Moon River. Our prize was dinner for the 2 of us. The dinner was our first date. We have just celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary.

  6. First, thanks to you, and Rob, for sharing that. Such beautiful music. Second, as a singer myself, and a Voctave fan, I can’t imagine a better, more thrilling proposal than to have Jamey Ray conduct Kate and Tiffany and Ashley et al in singing for me. Goodness what a great memory. Finally the videography was beautiful; really captured the moment and the joy and love.

  7. Beautiful INCREDIBLE- so worth watching…the beauty of their hearts!

  8. Whoa! That Was sweet and beautiful!

  9. Brilliant! So heartwarming to watch. Good job Rob!!

  10. That was FANTASTIC!

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