My brother and I have been working on a little something during quarantine, and we are excited to set this little bird free to fly today.

I could tell you paragraphs about how much fun we hare having,
how he makes me laugh in every single episode,
how we are exploring endless topics together,
things we are reading about,
writing about,
thinking about,
and speaking up about,

but as with most podcasts, it’s probably best if you just give it a listen for yourself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, with a few episodes already in the chute, we give you…

Let’s Talk Soon: The Podcast.


“These two.  I just can’t even.
The little nuggets of wisdom, the lighthearted banter…
it’s like listening to the audio of a familiar heartwarming sitcom with your two favorite fictional sibling pair (except they’re real.)
I could not love this podcast more if I tried. 
It’s the content you didn’t know you needed. 
Trust me.  
~ L.

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