“You start this time,” he said.

I groaned audibly.  “OF course you would say that.”

“I have to confess something to you right from the top… this is the day, maybe like every day, that I think I have nothing to offer to the world.  I have nothing.  This is it.”

He bubbles with laughter.  Or as Anne Lamott says, carbonated grace.

“Tricia, we are really early on in the podcast for you to have run out of things to say.”

“I know it.  But honestly, this is part of my creative process.  I have to start from a place of being like, well, I’ve dried up. Clearly there is nothing left. Someone blow the whistle.  The gig is up.  She has been fooling us all. She’s out of ideas.”

(More carbonated grace.)

“Okay, I do have a few things, and I know that they will expand into great conversation with you, but I’m in a weird place.  I’m just saying it from the top today, for any creatives out there who feel like they must always operate from a place of an overflow and an outpouring… I’m in a weird place.  I’m just saying.”

A new episode of Let’s Talk Soon has released today, Episode Four: Elephant Steps and Poetry = Green Guitar.

These are the opening moments, give or take a few edits for poetic license, for you careful listeners who are reading along.

In this episode, Rob and I talk about creative process, poor notetaking to capture fleeting ideas, and a theory of healing that I civilly debunk.

Also – and this is super fun –  with your downloads and listens, you’ve placed Let’s Talk Soon in the Top 100 podcasts for its Category in the very week of its inception.  So, basically, Rob and I owe you ten thousand thank-you notes.

In lieu of thank-you notes, we have decided to keep the conversations coming your way.  Feel free to Subscribe and Review, if you please.

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Episode Four: 
Elephant Steps and Poetry = Green Guitar

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