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The Pen and The Page: March 13 – 15, 2020


The Pen and The Page: Writing as Worship

The Pen and The Page is carefully crafted for writers of every level to explore writing as a sacred pathway of worship.
Whether you’ve written books or simply enjoy scribbling your thoughts, something truly magical happens when you invite the Holy Spirit into your writing practice: you can more fully understand who you are, Whose you are, and the story you and God are writing together.

We will guide you through sessions of creative discovery and spiritual renewal as you draw closer to the Ultimate Creator and what matters most.  

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As a result of writing practice together, each person will develop the following:

  • an identity as a writer with a story to tell
  • an awareness of your own stories
  • a practice to take home and implement on a daily basis
  • a sense of healing, restoration, and peace
  • intimacy with God as you embrace writing as a sacred path for worship

Surrounded by the beauty of Glen Eyrie,
you will find the space and inspiration you need as you explore writing as an act of worship.



(These weekends are my favorite.)


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To make a reservation by phone, please call 719-265-7050.

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