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The Pen and The Page – This October!


The Pen and The Page: Writing Is Worship

October 4-6, 2019

Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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~ ~ ~

You have asked, you have requested, and I am happy to say YES.
I am so excited to make this grand announcement!

Once again, I am honored to partner with Glen Eyrie, the most beautiful retreat and conference center for the retreat I love most.


What is The Pen and The Page?

The Pen and The Page is carefully crafted for writers of every level to explore writing as a sacred pathway of worship.

Whether you’ve written books or simply enjoy scribbling your thoughts, something truly magical happens when you invite the Holy Spirit into your writing practice: you can more fully understand who you are, Whose you are, and the story you and God are writing together.

Over the course of a weekend, nestled into the luxurious mountains of Colorado Springs, I will guide you through sessions of creative discovery and spiritual renewal designed to draw us closer to the Ultimate Creator and what matters most.


Workshop Sessions:

What is Writing Practice?

Remembering Is Mindfulness: Be Still and Know

Write Your Story, Own Your Story

Writers’ Circle: The Gifts of Writing

Writing is Worship: Modern Day Psalmist


As a result of writing practice together, each person will develop the following:
an identity as a writer with a story to tell;
an awareness of your own stories;
a practice to take home and implement on a daily basis;
a sense of healing, restoration, and peace;
and an intimacy with God as you embrace writing as a sacred path for worship.

~ ~ ~

What are People Saying?

“I didn’t know why I was coming to The Pen and The Page. I came because someone I loved and trusted thought I should be here. A weekend away doesn’t change my circumstances, but this weekend I found glimpses of joy.  I feel healing.  I have seen God move. As a non-writer, I had no idea of the power of the pen on the page. I know God will continue to write his story in me.”

~ Cassi

“The Pen and The Page was a perfect retreat – one full of writing and learning, of rest and relaxing, of yummy food and beautiful views, of stories and memories, of sharing laughter and tears. The whole weekend felt like a breath of fresh air into my lungs. I went into the weekend so uncertain. About if I would fit in, or if I would be as good as all the other writers. I learned within minutes that in this room full of writers, there was no comparison. Only sharing, accepting each other’s stories and thanking each one for sharing. Tricia set the stage from the very beginning, skipping all the “fluff” and getting right into the good stuff (or “going for the jugular” as she said– a phrase a nurse can certainly related to!). Her leadership by example was a powerful thing. Because she created a safe place for us and our stories, throughout the weekend, I wrote stories, and I listened to so many more from others who are bold and brave and beautiful, even in the midst of deep sorrows. There are so many nuggets I picked up at the retreat, but one of the fundamentals is this: After this weekend, I will no longer only say, “I like to write,” but instead I will now declare, “I am a writer.””

“Friends, if you want a weekend of discovery, laughter, tears, new friends, and realizing you ARE in fact a writer…. check into this time! You won’t be disappointed!”
~ Angie

Recommending– oh, yes! Tricia is a writer, a teacher, an inspirer. She understands the power of words: for healing, for life. This is a conference for anyone who desires to push in and discover the writer inside. Tricia puts together a weekend to be remembered.
~ Sherri


If you feel a stirring in your heart to write your story,
If you feel His pleasure when you write,
If you crave a few days away to find restoration and renewal,
If you long for a creative path to worship your Creator,

Join me for The Pen And The Page.

Want to stay at Glen Eyrie?  Register here.

Live locally and plan to commute?  Register here.

I cannot wait to do this with you.  Let’s write.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  2. Lynne Baird Rumsey

  3. I am praying there are still spots on August 31, when I get paid!

  4. Where is the schedule of events for this workshop? Does everything happen on Saturday and can I bring my spouse just for the travel or do you recommend coming alone?

  5. Whoa, short notice! And hey, we wanted it in Long Beach, California this time. (pout face)

  6. YAY!!! This made my day!!! SO HAPPY!

    • Cheryl Callighan oh!! Are you coming??? This made MY day!

    • Tricia Heyer oh yes!!! I am super excited to participate again!

    • Cheryl Callighan Isn’t it the best, Cheryl?

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