Sometimes it’s fitting to revisit the best truths. Today seems like a day for the best and the truths.

This story is three years old, and it still holds my entire heart.

* * * *

Tyler learned to ride his bike this week.  I thought he already knew how.  I thought we did this last year and the year before, back when I was paying him cold hard cash to pedal twenty times.  But I learned that there’s a difference between Skill and Confidence, and sometimes a boy needs his dad to tell him he can do it.


There was no coercion and no bribery.  There was only Peter and Tyler, a bike and a sidewalk, and that sweet spot when it all comes together.

And so now I have these photos, these two memories that live together in my heart.FullSizeRender-3

Two boys, two bikes, two dads.

My God goes before me, before them, before us.
We are not alone.

* * *

“Why would the Lord put you in a situation where you have too much to handle, where you cannot do it on your own? Because he wants to show everyone who is watching you that God takes care of his people.”

~ Phil Vaughan,
The Lies We Believe

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