I am vacationing with all my men this week, which means coffee and books and naps and zero wifi.  So I’m hitting up the blog with some old favorites of mine. 

See you next week with new ideas and a new outlook on life.  Margin is a wonderful thing.

~ ~ ~

I have a killer publicist, and she’s seriously so good at her job.  So in this launch of You Can Do This, my schedule has been fast and furious with podcasts, radio interviews, and hosts of various platforms.  Katie keeps me well-versed on where to be at what time, with pre-instructions and post-notes for where I’m going and where I’ve been.

I say all of that to say two things: publicists are awesome, and occasionally I miss details.

On my schedule today was an interview on Igniting a Nation, with the Rev. Rabbi Eric Walker on his show, Revealing the Truth.  I was intrigued by the opportunity to speak with a Rabbi, and I planned my day around it.

Most of the interviews I’ve been invited to have either been on the landline or on a Skype video, and then the producers use just the audio.  So it hardly matters what I’m wearing, just that I’m presentable.  I got dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, I put on a touch of eyeliner, and I whisked my boys out the door to their summer day camp.  I came back home, opted to skip yoga, and I settled in for a Skype interview. Perhaps you can imagine my shock when the Rev. Rabbi said, “Good morning, Tricia, is this your first time on live TV?”

(Ahem.)  I’m sorry, what?  Live TV?

Well, no, it’s not my first time on live TV.   But other times, I’ve been a little more… prepared.  Polished, if you will.

I quickly whisked my laptop to another angle in the dining room so that our wedding photos weren’t on display in the background.  I was desperately thankful I had opted out of yoga moments ago, and I have never been more thankful for that little touch of eyeliner. Seriously, my face disappears without it.  I have the blessing of second-day hair, but I have the curse of blond eyelashes.

(I mean, not that I pay attention to such superficiality.  But if I did, I would notice such things.  Just maybe perhaps.)

Anyway, pride aside, I settled in for an interview with this renowned scholar.  You guys, it was one remarkable hour.  Seriously.  That man, in all his wisdom and reverence, offered insights into my story that I had never seen before.  He recognized the heart of the book, and he spoke so much truth and affirmation into my story.

For example, I recently received a halfway-negative review when someone wrote their disappointment that my book isn’t grounded more in Scripture. The reader felt like it was a secular book, the title didn’t match the content, and it wasn’t supported biblically.  To my great delight, the Rabbi addressed this specifically.  (For this great insight, jump to 29:00.)

And, he discussed my story about the first bully of my life, Mrs. Wretched.  He brought so much insight into that story, that I’ll forever see it differently.  (For this moment that altered my thinking forever, jump to 39:30.)

(Please notice the eyeliner.  It’s all I had going for me.  That, and what the good Lord gave me.)

I’m telling you, my time with him was remarkable.

Thank you, Rev. Rabbi.  Your wisdom is astounding, your interview is engaging, and your blessing is my delight.

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