I love grey, rainy days. When the clouds are so thick that it feels like we’re all snuggled under the same blanket together.

I love these days because the expectations are so low. Sunny days bring too much pressure.

On sunny days, people say things like, “It’s such a beautiful day! We should get outside! Isn’t it a great day for a bike ride? A hike? We should walk the dogs! Let’s get outside!”

But on rainy days, people say things like, “Mmmm. It’s a good day to sit by the fire and read a book. It’s a good day to stay inside. It’s a good day to take a nap.”

The thing about writing is that it requires a person to sit still. Rainy days and cloudy days? I call those writing days.

People don’t think, “I wonder if Tricia is out walking her dogs today.” Nope. She’s probably writing. Or better yet, reading. Or best yet, reading about writing.

Tucker came home from Outdoor Ed with a host of newness. He knows a lot about peregrine falcons, golden eagles, and ropes courses; he has a slew of camp skits and sketches; and he has a new mission for our family: He wants us to become hikers.

“Mom, we should hike more. In our family, our definition of a hike is a long walk to get in the car and ride somewhere.”

I mean, he’s not wrong.

“Mom, I just love hiking. Do you know what my favorite part is? That part where your thighs get so numb because of all the exercise. I love that part.”

Awesome. Yep. Let’s get right on the numbing of the thighs due to overexertion.

That thing I said about rainy, cloudy days? They’re like liquid gold, now that I have a hiking enthusiast at the breakfast table.

I guess you did your job, Outdoor Ed, sending my kid home with a love for the great outdoors and the eagles and the falcons and the wood chips.

If you need me, I’ll be hiking to the mailbox. And texting the weather man. Asking for rain.

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