My kids have so many days off school this week. An Assessment Day, a Professional Day, a Comp Day, and the Walk-Out protest that so many teachers are participating in that the whole district closed down. (I have mixed feelings about this. Most of us do.)

It’s like Spring Break revisited.

Since the boys each have one day off without the other, I gifted each of them with a Whatever Day. That’s the day when each boy can decide to do Whatever he wants with his mom.

Tucker’s Whatever Day is today. Which burdened Tyler’s soul.

To encourage him on his death march to school, I said, “Don’t feel bad. You won’t miss very much. He’s almost a teenager, and his greatest wish today was to sleep as late as he wants.”

“That’s his plan for Whatever Day?”

“Yep. He gets to do Whatever he wants.”

“Well, that’s sad for him. Because on Friday, you and I are going to Arizona.”

Kid knows how to play it.


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