Last weekend was kind of a big deal.

First, my brother came to town, which of course you know is like giving me an ounce of liquid gold to hold in my hands. I get hyper-aware of where I am, what I’m doing, and careful of how much is left. My brother is the sunshine.


Second, it was Peter’s birthday. On the morning of his birthday, he asked Alexa what happened on that day in history. She said, “Abraham Lincoln was shot and Peter Heyer was born.” He insists those happened in the same year, and ever since Saturday he’s excused his behavior due to his “advanced age.”


(Xennial and Boomer sitting in a tree, t-e-x-t-i-n-g.)

(Did you know the “Xennial” is a thing? It totally is. I knew it had to be. We’re a narrow margin, born between 1977-1983, those of us who identify not entirely with Generation X and not entirely with Millennials, although both of them make sense to us. It turns out, social scientists have a place for us. Google it.)

My mom was ordained last weekend, which means she is officially a pastor now. I’d say she can now perform weddings and funerals, but a) gas station attendants can perform weddings in Colorado, so that ain’t no thing; and b) I announced on Facebook that she can now do funerals, and she was none too pleased with me. She’s just going to be officially pastoral, now. So we’ve all eased up on our language.

A few of us have started whipping out the hashtag #PastorPolly, and it does have a nice ring to it. I think she’d make a nice American Girl Doll.

I sound like I’m making light of it, but I’m really not.  I’m actually over-the-moon proud of that lady.  The truth is, an ordination is only a title bump, as my brother said at her ceremony. She’s been in fulltime ministry for all of her life, whether she was employed at a church or not. Her career paths have been winding and successful, but the same thread is woven through all of her years: a love for the Lord and his people. 

Now she gets a hashtag.

And also this other thing happened. This book that I wrote landed on the New York Times Bestseller List. (!!!)

E0DA50B5-2630-421A-A8D9-34E42231DDCFTim Trey 2


Which, I think, means I am a New York Times Bestselling Author. 

That sentence alone makes me a little dizzy.
* * *

In other (related) news, I haven’t been blogging enough.
Some of you have reached out to say so.  And I love you for it.
Let’s pour a few cups of coffee together this week.
What do you say?

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