You guys, I’m so excited to present this to you,
especially those of you who have long drives in the car or on the commuter train,
those of you who like stories but hate reading,
and those of you who have ever asked me to read aloud to you.
Which, to my great delight, has been many of you.

I had the great privilege of partnering with Oasis Audio and Personics Studio to produce the audio recording of You Can Do This.  They were gracious and patient with this new girl on the block.  I was a great roller coaster of learning curves.

We had one major hiccup in the recording process when I got the worst sinus infection ever.  My voice left for days, and when it came back, I sounded like Foghorn Leghorn.  I came back into the studio, thinking I was well enough to record, and they said, with so much compassion but with solid emphasis, “Yeah, no.  This isn’t going to work, actually.”

It’s very important to sound like the same person, from the beginning of the book to the end.

And so we had to put the whole thing on hold. I tried every remedy to get myself well, everything homeopathic and otherwise.  I was eating raw ginger and drinking lemon tea and sleeping with a eucalyptus humidifier and slurping honey by the spoonful and taking a horse’s dose of antibiotics.  I even went on voice rest for several days, which was oddly refreshing to everyone around me.  I carried a notebook and a black Sharpie with me everywhere to transcribe my thoughts.  At one point, Tyler brought me a red marker, “Just in case Jesus needs to say something.”

There were conversations over whether we needed to ditch our efforts, abandon the recorded hours on the cutting room floor, and hire a professional narrator so we could stay on track and release the audio recording with the book.  These things happen.

But I begged.  I begged and pleaded.

Please, please, please let me tell my story.
Please let it be in my voice.
I promise I will get well.
The readers have asked for it in my voice, I said.
I promise to be worth it.
I promise.

In a grand gesture of grace, they said yes. 
They extended the deadlines, they gave me margins to get well, and they let me tell my story.

And so I present to you, in my very own voice, the audible version of You Can Do This.  It is presently available on CD and audiobook.

The truth is, nobody can tell this story better than I can.  (Particularly, nobody does a better impersonation of Peter in Chapter 9.)  So I’m glad I got to be the one.

Enjoy, my friends.  Happy listening.

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