The Careful Balance


Parenting is a delicate recipe, a careful balance of this and that.

A careful balance of
TV and creative play,
Fast food and fresh fruits,
Firm boundaries and parental grace,
Routines and spontaneity,
Milk and juice,
Working inside and playing outside,
Play dates and stay-at-home days,
Trying new things and enjoying old favorites,
Encouraging courage but keeping him safe,
Loving his free spirit but protecting his heart,
Learning to share and claiming a turn,
Teaching and learning,
Honoring nature and nurture,
Being gentle and firm,
“I miss you,” and “Stop touching me,”
“I’m always here when you need me..” but “You don’t always need me.”

Some days feel a little lop-sided.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I miss raising my boys. Thank you for reminding me what a wonderful experience that was.

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