Yesterday, I announced that this very mind-numbing blogging situational glitch happened that left me with 26 readers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.53.53 PM

26 subscribers = Sad day.

But today, when I signed on, this greatness had happened.

4,786 subscribers = Joyful Reunion!

I’m tap dancing in the kitchen over this Christmas miracle!  You came back!  You came back!!

designI like to think that more than four thousand of you said, “What has happened here? What the…?!  Oh, no, this is not okay. We shall resubscribe immediately.”  And you flocked to your computers, ipads and phones, you found the widget that was so very hard to find, and you came running back to the cool table in our collective cafeteria.

Or WordPress fixed the glitch.  But that seems less likely to me, so.

Anyway, we are back in business.  I’m here, you’re here, and we can all bask in the collective identity of the crowd.  Personally, I’m really doing a lot of basking right now.  There’s a little number from Muppets Take Manhattan happening in my head – rats and bears and a frog and pig, singing and tap dancing to Together Again.

And it’s just in time, might I say, because Peter and I have a great big announcement to make on Monday morning.  We’re starting a new adventure and we want to bring you along.

(I’m not pregnant.)


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