I have good news and I have bad news. And the bad news isn’t really very bad news unless you live with me and have to deal with the emotional hot mess of a stress case that I am as of the last five weeks. That’s maybe only Peter’s bad news. So, you know, pray for Peter.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am finishing the final essays of the new book that’s coming to you in July. The new book is called You Can Do This, and it’s about being a confident woman in a critical world. Let’s face it, girls: we live in a place that wants us—and our sisters, girlfriends, and daughters—to feel anything but good about who we are and what we bring to the table. So I’m writing an invitation to sit down over scones and coffee mugs (filled with whatever you like to put in yours), to look each other in the eye, and to take a moment to stop comparing, questioning, judging, Pinteresting, and ultimately hating ourselves. Life’s too short for that. That’s what I say.

Or that’s what I’m trying to say… in a few dozen chapters and something short of a million words.

Except I’m writing past a deadline which isn’t at all like writing for fun. And there are distractions like Olympics and Amazon and Single Dad Laughing. And I’m on that favorite mental merry-go-round of “Why am I a writer? I know nothing. My words are rubbish. I couldn’t find a metaphor if it danced across the table right now. I need to stop and read to refresh my brain, but I don’t have time. This is pointless and I hate everything. I need ice cream.”

And so the bad news is that I will continue to doubt myself and choose to feed my emotions with Amazon one-clicks into an oblivion of Back-To-School deals. But then I will get back to work.13975435_10208886991599427_4831852815928935273_o

Because the good news is there is a book coming. And the even better news is that this manuscript will undergo several rounds of edits between now and then. Editors are like filters on Instagram. They say, “I see what you’re trying to do here, and may I offer it through this lens?” And then I say, “Holy cow. Yes. That’s so much better. Don’t ever let anyone see what this looked like without your help.”

I really am quite in love with this little bouquet of happiness. I can’t wait to give it to you.

But I have to finish it. Which is hard to do since apparently I don’t know the alphabet anymore.

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