We were in the car and on our way to yet another curtain call during this grand weekend of one show after another for Junie B. Jones: The Musical. Tyler said, “Mom, I think I know how theater has changed my life.”

The director brings a child on stage before the show to tell the audience how CYT has changed or impacted their lives, and clearly Tyler had been thinking.

“You do? Please tell me.”

“Well, before I was in CYT, I didn’t know my purpose. But I think I know it now.”

Purpose is a pretty grand discovery at age eight.  I was bracing myself for him to say something like, “I know for sure that I was born to sing and dance for great audiences and spotlights and applause and encores.” Which would be fine, sure, with the balance of humility and courage and leadership and a servant’s heart.

But my young man said, “Now I know why I was made. I was born to be an encourager.”

Wisdom from the backseat brings tears in the driver’s seat.  This is how it goes.

* * *

The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart.

~ George Sand

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