Sex and Fighting share many of the same ingredients.

Heightened emotion.


Give and Take.


Desires and wants laid bare.


They seem polarized,

Like anger and joy,

Like laughter and tears.

But so often, strong emotions

are only a breath away from one another.


They are essentially different ways of saying,

“This is what I want, and I’m offering it next to what you want.

Can we do this together?”


Both are another person’s option to see you

Naked and unprotected,

To choose to come closer

Or to walk away.


When everything calms,

The people involved feel

Deeply close or deeply wounded.


The world uses these two entities as shared tools for the same result:

For selfishness, destruction, and the end of beauty.


God uses them as shared tools for his design:

To unify, create, and heal.

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