I read sometime ago about a woman who begins each day with a simple prayer:

God, let me be the answer to someone’s prayer today.
Guide my path, that I will cross theirs.
And whatever you put before me today, I promise to do my very best.

I began to claim it too. I have awaited God’s plan for my days, and sometimes I have been abundantly aware of his direction as my day has held moments that can only be divinely planned, inspired, and orchestrated. I belonged to conversations, moments, and encounters that were wholly destined.

But, somewhere along the way, my heart began to hope for the consistency of these bigger things. “Whatever you put before me today, Lord, I promise to do my very best.” In praying these words, I began to await divine adventure, bigger plans, moments I couldn’t have created on my own. On some days, he has handed them to me.

Some days hold no such moments.

Some days, what he places before me is a list of menial tasks. It’s endless mismatched socks, constant Mommy-Mommy-Mommy, folding laundry, cutting coupons, planning menus, monitoring time-outs, adjusting attitudes, teaching how to share, and acting as referee to little boys who wish to be neither divided nor conquered.

Some days, he places before me a call to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness, all on one harried trip to the grocery store.

Some days, the call to quiet faithfulness, to loving others and watching their dreams unfold, to being the backstage manager who minds the cues and the curtain call – some days, this is what he has for me.

Some days, I find myself doing all of that, as if it’s on the side – while I watch for what he really has for my day. Instead of doing my best, I seem to save my energy for what will really require my very best.

But some days, that’s all he has for my day.Spring blossom background. Beautiful nature scene with blooming

I have found it’s easier to obey my own prayer when it calls me to bigger, better, wiser, sparkly, twinkling moments. It’s not so easy when there’s nothing shiny, sparkly, or even appreciated about the task at all.

Maybe that’s when he is most at work in me.

“Whatever you put before me today, Lord, I promise to do my very best.”

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