My mom left her purse hanging on the back of her chair yesterday at Starbucks.  She called the store, they had it, and they tucked it away for safekeeping until she could get back to pick it up.  Crisis resolved, though not without some rapid heart palpitations.

So when she met me across town for my birthday lunch, she didn’t have her wallet.  She said, “I had all sorts of fun little plans for your birthday, and now I just need to ask if you’ll pay for them.”923249_10203047421853833_943516739016921637_n

And then she said, “I hate to have to ask you to do this… but it is kind of a big deal, that thing I did 36 years ago today.”

It’s the most perfect argument for a free lunch.

In fact, I think I should always buy her lunch on my birthday. 

“Hey, Mom, thanks for that thing you did.”

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