Tucker fell six feet from the top of a swing set.  In a crash landing, the arch of his foot bent backward underneath him and he cracked his instep to pieces.  His foot is broken in four places, the ligaments are torn, the growth plates are in danger, and we are awaiting a CT scan tomorrow and surgery next week. In the meantime, all 100 pounds of him cannot touch the ground.  Doctor’s orders.Splint

And, in his pattern of being *exactly like his dad*, he could not tolerate the narcotic pain meds and spent yesterday throwing up.  He fell this morning as he practiced navigating crutches in the living room.  He is in a wheelchair full-time, and we are the epitome of discouragement.

Last night, when it was all more than we could stand, we staged a jailbreak.  The mall has never felt so good, and ice cream in the food court has never been a sweeter nectar.

So long, summer fun. 

So long, afternoons at the pool.

So long, football camp.

So long, mini vacation to the Great Sand Dunes.

So long, so many things.

I’m so utterly exhausted.  I can’t even… (finish that sentence).

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