Let’s Pretend We’re#1DBD551

You guys know how to launch a social media campaign!
Your shares, hashtags, pins, and tags were overwhelming, my friends.
If I could choose my own virtual community, I would choose you.

Here are the 15 Winners of early copies of
Let’s Pretend We’re Normal:

Christina Romero

Julia Townsend

Janet Worley

Pam Hyer

Emily Hall

Laura Krstolic

Rachael Gowins Shelton

Pat Boettler Burk

Jenny Ornstein

Amanda Dickinson

Lori Catt Rigg

Laura Dean-Taylor

Karen Herr

Alexi Michaels

Mandy Tuggle Morrison

Lauren Nancy Hensley

And a very special thanks to Random.org and their Random Sequence Generator, for ultimately not making me choose favorites among dozens of entries.
Because I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t.

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