We have been experimenting with an evening without a babysitter.  Flexing our muscles, stretching our wings, and testing the waters of the next life stage.

I’ve been at a dinner group across the street, 90 minutes max, I have my phone and they have my iPad, they can call as needed or even come across the street to find me.  And we all feel heaps of freedom.

On the first evening, my nervous firstborn called me three times via Facetime on the iPad.  (See above: I was gone for a little over an hour.  Feel free to do the math average on that one.)  Each time, my adventurous youngest hovered in view over Tucker’s shoulder saying, “Don’t come home.  Everything is fine.”  Sometimes, they are honestly such caricatures of themselves.

White WineLater that evening, as I tidied up the dishes after I put them to bed, I found my polka-dotted wineglasses in the kitchen sink with apple juice in them.


It’s a sophisticated event to be on your own for an evening.  It calls for appropriate stemware.


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