I think Reassurance can be a lot like money.  There will never be enough of it.

Likes.  Approvals.  Confidence.  Affirmations.  Ultimately, in how many ways do you need to hear the word Yes?

Reassurance seems like an essential component to everyday life, especially if you have grown so used to being surrounded by it, hearing it all the time. You could begin to wonder, How could someone get by without a daily dose?

But then you meet someone who has limited their intake, either by choice or necessity. And you see their freedom, how they roam about unhindered, making choices with such clarity. And then you might realize you had become a slave to Reassurance, only saying yes to the things guaranteed to bring you more.

Or you might see someone who is so starved for Reassurance that they must ask for it all the time. Please, do you have any affirmations to spare? Just a quarter. Or then two, actually. You may have some Reassurance to dole out, or they may just drain you completely dry with their ever need for more.

Reassurance is a dangerous drug. There will never, ever be enough. So you must teach yourself to somehow not need it.

That way, when you find some lying around waiting for you, or when a gracious someone hands it to you, it’s a sparkly, shining gift.

Not something your spirit needs in order to survive.

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