I met Robb in a dream.

We were in a giant mansion of a hotel,
rooms upon rooms,
hallways that led to more and more hallways.
There were banquets happening in all of these ballrooms.
Dinners, dancing, wedding receptions.
Women were dressed in gowns that sparkled.
Men wore crisp ties and jackets with tails.

I kept getting lost.
I didn’t know my way, and I wanted so badly to find Robb.
I wandered and looked for him in this labyrinth of elegance.
I kept falling down, nearly passing out from exhaustion.
I was in a curving hallway,
between a valet entrance and a most elaborate kitchen
with stainless steel everything.
I lay down on the carpet,
in a heap of a mess of exhaustion.

He came to me.
He knelt beside me and he rubbed my back,
sweeping my hair out of my face,
and he said,
“Don’t ever think you are lost. I will always find you.”

I don’t know what it means.
Or if it means anything.
But it was beautiful and real and his words were perfect.

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