What Great Leaders Do


I’m about to offer you a most compelling invitation.  So, brace yourself.


I love Catalyst.  Everything about it.

Every fall for a few years now, my brother and I have been meeting up for Catalyst in Atlanta, convening with other leaders and thinkers.  When you love to learn and think, it’s most energizing to be with other people who do too.

Here’s the official pitch, and then I’ll give you mine.

Catalyst is a Community of Change Makers. Storytellers, leaders, innovators, cultural architects, and social entrepreneurs of our generation. One Day is a can’t-miss opportunity to unpack the nuts and bolts of leadership with the two principal voices in leadership today: Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel.  

This brand new series focuses on What Great Leaders Do. Andy and Craig will take their collective experiences in leading effective ministries and share what they’ve found to be the unique undertakings of a great leader. These core measures include growing an organization, building effective systems, navigating change, developing young leaders for immediate influence, and much more.

Be a part of this change. Change you will see, hear, and experience at Catalyst One Day Denver.

“But, Tricia,” you might be thinking, “I’m not a pastor or a professor.  I’m not building systems or growing an organization.”

I know.  I’m not either.

Here’s the thing: leadership is influence.  It’s not a title, a promotion, or even a paycheck.  It’s being a thinker and a solver, and I’m pretty sure you do a lot of that on a daily basis.

I’m a thinker who is responsible for the livelihood and wellbeing of two young men, I am the CEO and CFO of this in-home operation we call our family, and on the side I’m a writer who is the architect of her own career.  And I want to learn from people who are doing the same things on a grander scale.  This is why Catalyst keeps me coming back.

Catalyst is a community of people who want to think big, leverage their influence, and make things happen.  I’m one of them.  This conference could set you on fire.  I speak from experience.

Because you know me, and because this is happening at my home church,
I can offer you a discount.  Enter the code SECC,
and they’ll knock $40 right off your ticket price.
See how it pays to know people?

Register here.  


Tricia Lott Williford

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