We are one week into the hype of Ohio State University’s reign as the National Champions of College Football. And the effect on my children has been profound. ¬†Profound, I tell you.

Quite on their own, the have devised the following ten-year plan:

When Tucker graduates from high school, he will take a year off to wait for Tyler to finish. Then, together they intend to move to Ohio and room together at Ohio State.

In fact and in preparation, they moved all of their belongings into one bedroom this weekend so they may prepare for their college days as roommates. I’m not even kidding.

I would dismiss it all as football and marching band hype, except that I too made my college choice in second grade. Stranger things have happened.

If I can channel a fraction of their enthusiasm for the next ten years, I will be one proud Buckeye Mom.

They also have requested a trumpet, a trombone, and lessons. And they play Hang On Sloopy on repeat in the car.

And the new bedtime dialogue includes, “I love you, Mommy. O-H.”

“I love you too, buddy. I-O.”259049_2016711144782_2907127_o IMG_0213

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