Robb met me in my dream the other night. We spent a couple of hours together.

He held my hand and twirled me.  He said, “Look at you, baby girl.  Look how beautiful you are.  You’ve been majesty’d.”

It was a new word to me, the past tense of an adverb.  I’m still not sure how to spell it, even though I asked him about it.  (This is how real my dreams are.  I learned a new word in my sleep, right now I can’t remember how to spell it, and that makes me feel like I wasn’t paying close enough attention.)

“What does that mean, honey?  I don’t know that word.”Bride And Groom On Their Wedding Day Hugging

He led me with my fingertips and twirled me under his arm.  He said, “It’s the word for the most beautiful, the beauty only God can create. You’ve been majesty’d, babe.”

In the morning, my heart felt both full and empty.  To see him again, to hear his voice.  And to wake up again without him.

It was a night of pure gift.

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