It was the Friday before Labor Day in my kindergarten classroom. Ever aware of the “teachable moment,” I wanted to enlighten my students as to why they would get an extra “stay at home day” this weekend.

I said, “You see, Labor Day is the day when we honor all the people who serve and protect our country….” I continued with one paragraph after another, telling all the reasons why it’s important to honor the people who serve or have served in our Armed Forces.Boy Scouts march in Fourth of July parade

All the while, in the back of my classroom, my faithful teaching assistant (a veteran herself) was doing everything in her power to get my attention. She was waving the white flag, the checkered flag, the red flag, and the many backpacks – anything to get me to shut my mouth and please, in the name of everything that is educational, stop misinforming these children.

Oh, wait. That’s Veteran’s Day.

Never mind. See you Tuesday.

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