Names matter.

What you call someone shapes their identity.
What you call yourself becomes the core of who you are.

There are names we give ourselves.A stack of blue and red "Hello, my name is" name tags or badges
There are names others give to us.
There are names we used to have that we don’t have anymore.

If we are ‘named’ when someone calls us something new, then perhaps when we lose that person we become ‘unnamed.’

When you are unnamed, you can begin to wonder who you are.

I was his wife.
I was his girl.
I was once called his.
He looked at me, and he said “you are mine.”

“Mine” is a beautiful Name. It is beautiful to belong.

My heart aches with the emptiness and the absence of that word.

* * *

You are mine, I will never leave you.
I will see you through the night and be here in the morning.
So close your eyes and have a good time dreaming
Knowing you will never be alone.

Because you are mine.

~ my favorite lullaby, You Are Mine.

* * *

What have you been Named?

How have you been Unnamed?

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