Let’s Pretend We’re Normal

Adventures in Rediscovering How To Be a Family

When Tricia Lott Williford’s thirty-five-year-old husband died suddenly after a misdiagnosed twelve-hour illness, she awakened to an upside-down world that she didn’t recognize, and yet it seemed to belong to her.  Her two young sons were fatherless and a little too fearless, and she needed to learn to live a different life than the one she’d planned the day before.Williford351

She began to live by a few simple rules:  Stay calm, step up, don’t put anyone at risk, do your best to live to tell about it, and whenever you can, try to pretend you’re normal.

Tricia’s story is a tender, intimate, and robust portrait of the emotional hazards of living a full life with a heart that is still healing.  She tells her story straight up, with humor and honesty, about how fiercely she loves her children in the mundane and extraordinary craziness of their upturned lives.

Let’s Pretend We’re Normal is for anyone who has been surprised by the tenacity of love, the vulnerability of children, and the ferocity of their own strength.

* * *

Coming to book shelves near you in May 2015,
and currently available for Pre-Order on Amazon.com.

Stay tuned for the release of the book cover.  It’s ridiculously perfect.

And I’m pretty excited about the whole thing.

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