A One-Day Conference at The Chapel in Akron, Ohio

October 18, 2014

You guys, it’s Sara Groves!

She is this amazing singer, songwriter, and recording artist
– as well as a mom and a warrior for justice in her free time –
and I’ve been dancing to her tunes and lyrics in my bedroom, in my car,
in my dorm room back in the days, and in my heart for years.

And now, I am so honored to partner with Sara Groves and The Chapel in an event to bring Hope to Every Woman.

If I could, I would send a quick text message to myself in my college days.
In just a quick note to that girl named Tricia, the one who is twirling curls around her finger as she studies methods of literacy for young children, she’s engaged to marry Robb Williford soon and very soon, and she’s singing Sara’s tunes in her dorm room,
I would tell her this day is coming.

But she would never believe that it’s true,
that God is this big,
that he has so much in store.

Please mark your calendars and invite your friends.

Click here for more information!

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