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“Every Two Hours”

Betta Splendens

The boys acquired a betta fish from a girl in the neighborhood.

They named him Grumpy Tom Simpson.Betta Splendens

He arrived with a list of instructions: when to feed him, clean the bowl, etc.

The last item on the list says: “Tap his bowl every two hours to make sure he’s still alive.”


Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Haha 😀 You just never know with those fish 🙂

  2. Oh, dear Tricia! Some caring, reasonable person in your life should have warned you that the answer all fish adoption questions is “NO!” We took a goldfish home from a carnival when my son was three, assuming it wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. We still had that wretched thing when he left for COLLEGE! (No, I am not exaggerating.) It must have weighed 1/2 lb. by the time it died — too big to flush. The last six months it was swimming upside down and I was researching humane methods of euthanasia for goldfish (clove oil and vodka, it turns out, though Goldie left us on her own before I had to inflict death-by-liquor).

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