There has been fever and phone calls and early pickups from school.  There has been vomit and grossness.  My couch has held up well; microfiber goodness is what they should call it.

There has been a child who is sure he got the poor end of the deal.  Since he is healthy, there is little attention and plenty of school in his life right now.  And nothing about that is fair.  He reminds me often.  And I remind him that nothing in his life will ever be fair.  And I suggest that he not get me started on my list of Unfairness.

Someday I will write again.  And the thing is, I have stuff to say.  Like, for example, just for starters, I got another tattoo.  So there’s that.

I’m believing in faith that I will get to write again.  If I’m ever, ever in my life, alone again.

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