That’s What I Used To Think

I used to think I wanted to be with a man who had it figured out.  Then I found that often means his life is black and white with little room for grey.

I used to think I wanted as many kids and pregnancies as my body could withstand.  Then I learned that ‘can’ and ‘should’ are not synonymous.Flower

I used to think I’d teach elementary school forever.  Then I got a taste of teaching adults and discovered my favorite thing in the world.

I used to think that shared finances meant ‘weekly allowance.’ Then I learned it doesn’t have to.

I used to think I’m not much of a housewife.  Then I learned that a housewife and a homemaker are not the same thing.

I used to think I didn’t know to decorate.  Then I made my home beautiful.

I used to think a man and woman should share everything.  Then I learned how much more I have to offer when some things are only mine.

I used to think marriage was the only route for me.  Then I began to wonder if I’ll ever want to do it again.

I used to think I would feel most secure with someone who had the answers.    Then I realized how beautiful are the words, “You know what, honey? I don’t know.”

I used to think I didn’t love movies.  Then I started watching the ones I wanted to see.

I used to think that changing myself for someone else was like stretching a rubber band  Then I learned it’s more like molding clay.

I used to think my intelligence and autonomy were a currency I could afford to spend.  Then I learned that’s not true.  At all.

I used to think I was half.  Then I learned I’ve been whole all along.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I’m printing this post. You really gave voice to so much that has been tumbling around in my head. Beautiful!

  2. Giving thanks with you that God is sovereign and doesn’t answer our prayers with yes all the time!!

  3. Love your writing!

  4. beautiful!

  5. All the hearts for this one. Awesome.

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