Driving along in the car with my mom.  She’s driving.  I’m in the front passenger’s seat.  It’s a warm spring day in Colorado.  Just painting the scene for you.

Retro In The Rain.

Because then she casually turned to me and said, “Are you having an affair?”

You can imagine I was taken aback by this.  I mean, it’s a fair and reasonable question, and if she thinks I’m having an affair, I’d like to clarify: no, I am not having any kind of an affair with anyone.”What?!”  I turned my head in her direction, slightly stunned by the question.

“What? What made you ask me that question?!  No, I am not, I assure you.”

She adjusted the air vents, and that’s when I learned what she had actually asked me: “You have enough air?”

Oh.  Well, in that case. Yes.  I am fine.

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