“And so where do you get your hair colored?”  She’s massaging my head with that great-smelling minty shampoo that’s my favorite.

“Oh, nope.  No color.”

“What?!  This?”  She runs her fingers through the hair she’ll soon be sweeping off the floor.  “This isn’t colored?  This honey-brown-auburn?”

At the hairdresser �¢�?�? woman gets new hair colour

“Actually, I do kind of love this color.  It’s probably only a matter of time before I’ll need to color it, but that’s just why I never have — I’m afraid I wouldn’t get this back.”

Her fingers freeze against my scalp.  “Wait.  What?  This has… you have… never… never colored your hair?  I’ve heard about people like you!  I think I read about you in school!”

She read about me in school.

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