I swear there were more Easter treats in the Target bag. I just really feel like there were. I thought there was a nice assortment of toys and treats.

But once I put them in the baskets, it looked like a really sorry excuse for an Easter Bunny visit. A peanut butter egg, a bag of candy eggs, a slinky, a light-up bouncy ball, and a white board with markers. I arranged and re-arranged in an effort to make it look like more.

The boys are sure – absolutely sure – that there’s something hidden somewhere, that the Easter Bunny would never be so lame.

“I know that he would never – never! – forget the chocolate bunny! It’s got to be here somewhere!”

(It’s possible that he forgot the chocolate bunny. I’m not sure where his mind was when he was shopping for Easter surprises.)

So hopeful are they to find signs of EB that they have resorted to believing he left us some completed tasks instead candy and surprises.

“Mommy! Look at this! I drank chocolate milk last night, and he put my glass in the sink!”
“Mommy! The Easter Bunny fixed the light in the stairwell!”
“Mommy! Look at the laundry that’s in the baskets – I bet that’s totally what he did!”

Thankfully, the Easter Bunny sent a text to compensate for his baskets found wanting.


They’re sure he has sent them to Target so the house will be once again empty and they will come back to a feast of pastel eggs and greatness.

(I might suck a little bit.)

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