Land that drinks in the rain 
often falling on it 
and that produces a crop 
useful to those for whom it is farmed 
receives the blessing of God.  

Hebrews 6:7umbrella and rain drops closeup

“Land that drinks in the rain…” soaking it into its soil, perhaps becoming a soggy, messy mud.

“…often falling on it…” in one rainstorm after another, days and days of rain.

“…that produces a crop…” of fruit underground that cannot be seen for perhaps many seasons to come.

“…useful to those for who it is farmed…” Is the crop useful to the saturated ground?  No, but the crop may bring nourishment and healing to others, including those who tend the fields, plow the ground, and wait for the fruit.

“…receives the blessing of God.”

With both hands, I await this blessing, this promise.

Holy God, pour down your blessing with the rain.

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