Deliciously Single, Deliriously Free.

Young happy woman standing in yellow rapeseed field holding a wh

I am deliciously single.

While I’m willing to admit that this could be a fleeting thing, that I may not always feel this way, here’s where I am right now: I don’t think I want to get married again.

And I certainly don’t need to.

I’ve got, let’s say, twelve years left with these two young men in my home. What if I pour myself wholly into them, instead of anyone else?

What if I choose to do this one thing really, really well? Without distraction?

What if I focus on building our really terrific three, and I stop thinking about us becoming a four?

Anybody can be somebody’s wife. Young happy woman standing in yellow rapeseed field holding a whBut only I can be this mom.

I’ve stepped out of emotional commitments.
I’m signing off the dating sites.
I am deliciously single.

And deliriously free.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I believe you should focus on the boys and your writings. Raise them to be gentlemen and strive for excellent careers. If it’s GODS will he wil bring you a good man

  2. Tricia, I agree with you 100%. Been a single parent for 11 years and no regrets that I have been the “constant” for my daughters. So blessed~~

  3. I say give them 110% and when you least expect it, I bet you find “Mr. Right”.

  4. Amen, give all your love to those two boys until they are grown up, you will still be young and will have many years left to enjoy life.

  5. . . . and it’s likely that a perfect partner for you is, indeed, on his way.

  6. Sounds like a great place to be!

  7. Yes, and Happy April Fool’s to you, too! 😉

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