So they needed new shoes, and we had picked them out. A pair for each of them, a pair we could each agree on, and particularly a pair that is versatile for the various reasons and occasions I need them to wear shoes.

But then he found one more pair he wanted. Needed. Needed.

“Please, Mommy? Can’t I have those too?”

“No, buddy. We’re getting one pair for you and one for your brother.”

“But I want those too.” Cry, cry, cry. Weeping and groaning. Wailing and gnashing of teeth. “I want those tooooooo!”

“I understand that, and I do wish I could get them for you, but I don’t have enough money to buy all the shoes we want. See those over there? I love those shoes, actually, but I’m not buying them because you’re the ones who need shoes today. So, do you see? I’m not getting what I want either, but at least you get a pair of shoes even if it’s not two pairs.”

I walked closer to look longingly at the black flats with the patent leather stripe across the toe. Oh, how I love you, I whispered to them in my mind. And then I saw their price tag.  And that was my mistake.

What?! Marked down 60%?

And suddenly I was putting them on. Just to try them.
And then I was not taking them off, because they were perfect.
And on sale.

And the thing is, I had this very viable and perfect moral lesson about budgeting and sacrifice… until I found this most darling pair that I indeed wanted for myself.

I bought the shoes. He’ll get over it.


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