In a little pond of third graders and an ocean of lesson plans, in the ups and downs of my first year in the academic calendar, there was a handful of boys in m class, and they showed me I was made for boys. They showed me how much I can roll with the punches, love the adventures, and will choose their group every time on a field trip.

Learning Cursive WritingDalton is one of these young men. I taught him cursive, and now he’s taller than me and sells cars. And he probably has discovered he doesn’t need cursive.

He hugged me; I come up to his shoulder – barely. He said, “Mrs. Williford, I’m so excited to read your book. And when I’m finished, I’ll let you know how you could have done it better.”

Teaching is the highest form of learning.

Bring it, D.  I’d love to take your notes.

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