Two Ellas and an interview.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and naturally the boys don’t have school because it honest-to-anything feels like they never have school anymore.

I say this with sympathy to the moms on the other side of the Mason Dixon line, who are on something like their 16th snow day. Great day… those moms want something in their morning coffee, I’m pretty sure.

The boys each have plans with an Ella today. That’s right. There are two Ellas. Tyler’s Ella has been his longtime, loyal Valentine for four years now, ever since their eyes met in preschool.

And Tucker is celebrating his classmate Ella’s birthday with their collective friends. I asked him to tell me about Ella, and he said, “Well, she’s two inches taller than me, and she runs faster than even the fastest kid in the second grade.” Way to go, Ella. Hold on to your advantage, girlfriend.

So now everyone is disbursed to the Ellas, I’ve gotten in trouble for mistakenly calling these plans ‘dates’, and I’m in my car in an undisclosed parking lot, preparing for a radio interview and wondering how this greatness has become my life.

It’s go time folks.

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