Some of you have been so concerned about the silence in your inbox each morning, as you’ve waited and wondered why I never wrote to you anymore. Some of you thought we had broken up.  Perhaps I had found someone else.  There were letters, comments, emails and phone calls.  There was weeping and gnashing of teeth.

New message

(Some of you didn’t notice.)

But I’m relieved to show up in your inbox once more.  Problem solved.

If you do some clicking around, you’ll see that this beloved meeting place for all of us has been upgraded on a number of levels.  It all looks pretty familiar, so there isn’t even a learning curve for me to complain about.

And aren’t we all thankful for that?

Soon, I’m going to launch a new project called Your Stories. These fleeting moments that nearly pass you by?  We’re going to capture them like butterflies in a net.    We’ll hold them in our hands, enjoy their beauty, and we will set them free.  And I cannot wait to do this with you.

* * *

Dear You,

Thank you for reading my stuff.

Love, t.

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